Session 3: Tumblr, Flickr, and tools used by digital humanists

Tumblr, Flickr, and tools used by digital humanists

How do researchers think they might want to use Tumblr and Flickr information?

People don’t work with these sources because there is no access to that data, so what would the data be used for?

Ways digital humanists want to use digital technology, tools to make it accessible

Twitter- textual

Flickr- visual

Tumblr- mix

Scholarship on visual culture- researchers use images to visualize themes rather than use a mix for a more complex method

LOC twitter archive- unable to use because question of capacity

Maybe looking for stuff already known is out there

Look at what other fields and for profit companies use it for

Look at tweets to follow hashtags and subjects, see what they point to

Ex for project- undergrad looking for 100 tweets for a paper 0m #bringbackourgirls, candidates for office, social science research, ebola rumors,

Ed Summer’s work on tweets about Ferguson

Boston Marathon Bombing tweets video

Flickr- people who are not from professional archives post on Flickr

Instagram doesn’t allow the same sorting as Flickr

Gelman- open source project for Tumblr and Flickr

How easy is it to start a feed manager on twitter since a hashtag starts right at an event?


Topsy- Twitter sentiment analysis

Eleanor Roosevelt Papers- looking for audio format to use for a source and online format


Audio preservation

Nodegoat- mapping tool





Easy tools to create interactive maps- Storymap for the classroom

Utilizing other digital history projects within the classroom

Interactive options to engage the public

Cursive and handwriting issues with reading- crowdsourcing to transcribe

Skills people would like to learn-

Text and coding, TI, XML

Novice understanding, but learning TI would give confidence and help digital projects

Courses on coding at institutions to advance projects

Do you want to use more tools?

Problem- digital humanists don’t know the tools so they can’t make a project without learning the tools

Balancing- how accepted are these type of projects for grad school applications, tenure, job applications?

Better to have a project relevant to your work

Gelman- tech department resources for help with TI infrastructure and other options

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