Session 3: supporting other people’s DH Project w/Meg

DC THATCamp 2015: Supporting Other People’s DH
By Kat Bellimage

THATCamp DC 2015
Supporting Other People’s DH Projects
As a librarian, how can we help other division’s projects?
Between institutions, how can you offer your help?
How do we get the information out as to what we have? – Especially for Archives
Example of ride board – digital humanities ride board?
Practical questions of type of engagement, who will manage
Like LinkedIn, but something people would use
University of Nebraska Digital Humanists
Inclusiveness, accessibility
More dynamic system than just Excel
Barriers to entry in sharing, collaborating, participating – service vs. research
Large historical societies – how they help sustain the small ones
Evaluation and marketing – librarians don’t have the needed skillset
Philadelphia History Bus
Personal Digital Archiving
Personal Digital Humanities


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    Session 3: supporting other people’s DH Project w/Meg | That Camp DC 2015

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