THATCamp dc2015 i s almost here

… and it is time to start proposing your discussion topics, demos, hacks, and mini-workshops. You may also suggest them in the morning session at 9:30. Doors open at 9:00 with breakfast, registration and conversation. Please see the website tabs for details on transportation. There is a festival on the capitol mall so add a little extra time to the commute in.

For those on the fence, this is an opportunity to get and share ideas about the Digital Humanities with diverse colleagues from regional institutions and universities; learn a bit about DH tools, issues, best practices, struggles, and culture; and get an inside look at where we are today.  We welcome walk-ins but prefer pre-registration to help us plan ahead. This is for students, faculty, practitioners, librarians, archivists, project managers, and the interested public.

Register in B156 Phillips Hall, one flight down from the entrance, which is located on the South side of I street between 22nd and 21st NW. See you there!



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About Diane Cline

I'm an ancient Greek historian and classicist and I teach a course in Digital History at GWU. My most recent research projects use Social Network Analysis to examine the relationships of Alexander the Great, Philip II, Socrates and Pericles. I am interested in understanding what made the Greeks so innovative and creative, and I believe their social networks is part of the answer. Classes taught in 2013-17: History of Greece, Alexander the Great, Classical Athens, Classical Mythology, and HIST 3001 Digital History. Author of National Geographic's The Greeks: An Illustrated History (2016).